The Synergy between Carbonica EU and Solar Hub: Accelerating Excellence in Sustainability

In our quest for a sustainable future, innovative collaborations and partnerships are crucial. Two leading projects, Carbonica EU and Solar Hub, have recently joined forces under the Excellence Hubs WIDERA initiative. This alliance brings together their expertise and resources to advance the adoption of best practices and contribute to the goals of the EU Green Deal. Powered by shared goals, there is great potential impact for this collaboration.

By aligning their efforts, they aim to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy systems, driving the adoption of carbon-neutral technologies and fostering a greener future.Through the Excellence Hubs WIDERA initiative, Carbonica EU and Solar Hub are committed to collaborative research and development. By pooling their resources, they aim to accelerate innovation in sustainable practices and tackle the technical and logistical challenges associated with large-scale adoption.

Foodscale Hub, the coordinator of the project, attended the Solar Hub event on 9 March 2023 and joined the exploration around energy communities and how farmers can benefit from diverse opportunities in the ecosystems, as pre-designs of solar energy solutions will be developed to grow for commercialisation. More joint actions are yet to come, so stay tuned!

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