Recap: Highlights from the 1st EU Carbon Farming Summit

March 2024 marked a significant milestone in carbon farming with the inaugural European Carbon Farming Summit held in Valencia, Spain. Bringing together more than 600 professionals, organisations, and enthusiasts both in-person and virtually, the summit underscored the collective commitment for advancing carbon farming and forging the path to a sustainable future for agriculture. CARBONICA EU project was represented at the summit by three key partners: Foodscale Hub (as the coordinator), i-BEC (Interbalkan Environment Center), and Eratosthenes Centre for Excellence. Throughout the event, our team actively engaged in pivotal discussions within breakout sessions and presented informative posters, showcasing the project’s primary goals and objectives.

The three-day event addressed key strategies and initiatives vital for Europe’s transition to net-zero emissions by 2050. Central to this effort is the EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework, designed to standardise and certify carbon removal methods to ensure their environmental and technical integrity. 

Additionally, proper monitoring is emphasised to validate carbon farming claims, fostering trust in the carbon credit market. A harmonised certification approach is advocated to reduce market inconsistencies and enhance transparency, encouraging greater participation in carbon trading. Moreover, empowering farmers through financial incentives and support is identified as crucial for the success of carbon farming practices. Lastly, tailoring initiatives to local farming conditions and ecosystems, promoting peer-to-peer learning, and collaboration with local stakeholders are highlighted as essential for effective and sustainable carbon farming implementation across diverse European regions.

In conclusion, the EU Carbon Farming Summit has provided valuable insights and strategies for pushing Europe’s carbon farming agenda forward. The summit has laid the groundwork for accelerating the adoption of carbon farming practices and achieving Europe’s ambitious climate goals towards a sustainable and resilient future.

Learn more about the Summit in Valencia by gaining access to all presentations and slides.

Additionally, delve into the reports generated from the output of the summit’s sessions, as well as project CREDIBLE’s Focus Groups, the co-organiser of the summit . 

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