Pilot experiment: Conventional vs. Carbon Farming



AGFT’s team successfully developed a plan for the pilot experiment: Conventional vs. Carbon Farming According to the plan, recent pivotal field activities include:

Soil Analysis: 6 soil samples were taken using GPS-defined field extraction points. The analysis of the samples was done at the accredited laboratory of UGD. According to the results, soil fertilization plan was created.

Fertilization: The process of fertilization was done on 0.5 ha arable land, half of which was treated with conventional mineral fertilizer and the other half was treated with liquid organic microbiological fertilizer, biostimulant and soil improver. In the plot that will implement carbon farming principles, the application of the liquid fertilizer was done by spraying drone, to eliminate soil disturbance.

Sowing: At the end of November (25.11.2023), barley was sown on the 0.5 ha arable land.

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