Newsletter 1

Welcome to Carbonica Newsletter #1

Agriculture is known to be a carbon heavy industry, and rightfully so. Carbonica EU, however, is here to mitigate this problem; the project is
working to accelerate Carbon Farming innovations and solutions to help overcome barriers and facilitate future broad uptake of best practice relating to carbon sequestration. The working countries are Greece, Cyprus and North Macedonia and the goal is to align their innovation ecosystems. Let us take you through the current landscape and recent Carbonica activities, getting the message of this emerging shift across!

The kick-off meeting of Carbonica EU was a pivotal event that marked the beginning of an ambitious project aimed at combating climate change. Held in a state-of-the-art conference hall, the atmosphere was brimming with enthusiasm and determination among the 14 partners. It was followed by a Public Event, attended by scientists, policymakers, and industry experts from across the European Union, gathered to discuss and strategise on innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices. The meeting and the event featured insightful presentations, and lively discussions. With this collective commitment to a, the kick-off meeting of Carbonica EU set the stage for a productive and impactful 4-year run. 

During the Public Event, the importance of poignant policies was made a clear priority, which stimulated this urgent question: what does the policy landscape look like at the moment?

Within the scientific framework of Carbonica, protocols have been designed to address the requirements of the EU for a green business model that rewards land managers for taking up improved land management practices. 

WIDERA projects working in a collaborative manner have so much to offer. Check out the sister project SolarHub and find out about current research to strengthen connections between five Greek and Turkish solar energy innovation ecosystems.

The consortium has been really active since the beginning of the project! Meetings, an international conference, presentations, discussions about the future of green branding are all part of what we do to collaborate effectively and deliver top notch results. Find out more about Carbonica event participation and make sure to stay updated on where to meet us next on social media

Carbonica Excellence Hub aims to introduce Carbon Farming techniques in the widening countries of Cyprus, Greece and North Macedonia. The consortium partners chose the crop types that will be studied in each country. 

Would you like to explain what Carbonica EU is about to your friends in a simple and comprehensible way? Understand the Carbon Cycle and why the excessive release of CO2 in the atmosphere is problematic.

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