Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs)

CARBONICA established three (3) Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) for the countries of Cyprus, Greece, and the Republic of North Macedonia. All three (3) MAPs will be updated annually, in order to ensure that the stakeholders participating therein remain relevant and engaged in Project activities.

It is noted that the stakeholders participating in the MAPs are representative of the Quadruple Helix, being members of academia and the research sector, of industry and the business sector, of government, policy-making and of the public administration sector and civil society. Moreover, the Project Partners made sure that the MAPs also enjoyed adequate representation of the agricultural sector – through the participation of farmers and/ or land managers.

Stakeholders from each helix were selected based on the particular helix’s value definition. Frequent and effective communication between the project partners (‘core group’) and the engaged stakeholders in the wider Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS) (‘larger periphery’) is meant to further optimize the innovation process by forming a core forum. The core forum consists of at least 15 members in each country.

Each national ecosystem is headed by a National Supervisor, which is meant to guide and facilitate their operations. The National Supervisors are pivotal in their operations, knowledgeable about the tasks at hand, and exhibit expertise that spans the carbon farming sector and beyond. These are:

  • Dr. Christiana Papoutsa, National Supervisor of the ecosystem of Cyprus. Dr. Papoutsa is a researcher and project team member of our partner ECoE.
  • Dr. Evi Chantzi, National Supervisor of the Ecosystem of Greece. Dr. Chantzi is a researcher of our Project Partner i-BEC.
  • Mr. Blagoja Mukanov, National Supervisor of the ecosystem of North Macedonia. Mr. Mukanov is the CEO of our Partner AgFutura Technologies.
Want to learn more about how our National Ecosystems work and how you can engage with Carbonica? Reach out to our Project Manager, G. Papapostolou: 
Do you want to learn more about your national ecosystem? Why don’t you reach out to our three (3) national Supervisors? 
1) Dr. Christiana Papoutsa:  
2) Dr. Evi Chantzi
3) Mr. Blagoja Mukanov:
If you are already involved in Carbon Farming, we encourage you to join your own national multi-actor platform! Find additional information about MAPs, or do not hesitate to reach out to your National Supervisor.

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