Initiatives and Strategies for Business Development, commercialization and internationalization

In the initial stages of our project, CLK have embarked on the implementation of key tasks, with a focus on feasibility studies for the toolbox’s technologies, practices, and models, as well as the lab prototypes that will be developed in T3.2.

This comprehensive assessment includes economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations to lay the groundwork for future success and market potential. Simultaneously, partners efforts was directed towards the design of an initial plan for Support in Business

Development, led by AGFT and featuring participation from CLK and other partners. During this early phase, CLK will support the development of an action plan for business development support, aligning it with the needs analysis, CF certification protocols, and the formed network formed. The objective will be to ensure efficient and effective support for both technology providers/innovators and farmers, leveraging the collaborative expertise of participants from three different countries. Additionally, CLK have initiated activities related to T4.4 Support for Commercialization and Internationalization, led by AGFT, with the participation of ECoE, FSH, CLK, UGD, and CUT.

This program is designed to build a strong link between business operators and academia, fostering optimal utilization of R&I capacities. In these early stages, the focus is on preparing start-ups and SMEs for market launch, with mentorship, understanding market needs, setting up production and distribution processes, and providing access to intellectual property management tools. As CLK embark on these crucial tasks, our team is committed to laying the groundwork for successful feasibility studies, business development support plans, and initiatives for commercialization and internationalization. 

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