EU’s Pioneering Carbon Removal Certification Initiative: A Step Towards Greener Future

The EU’s proposal for a new certification framework to validate carbon removals encounters a landscape rife with scepticism among businesses assessing its potential impact on market growth. 

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The European Commission’s 2022 work program introduced a groundbreaking legislative proposal for carbon removal certification, setting the stage for a transformative shift towards environmental sustainability.

This certification system, previously hinted at in the 2020 New Circular Economy Action Plan and the 2021 LULUCF revision proposal, aims to establish a common EU standard with a solid environmental integrity focus and following specific criteria. As the legislative process progresses, the ENVI Committee’s draft report, featuring numerous proposed amendments, has been discussed in May 2023, with a final plenary vote anticipated in late November 2023.

As Carbonica develops the online platform with training content covering, inter alia, topics for carbon footprint certification protocols, it will give favorable attention to the follow-up actions of this legislative journey, aligning with an essential step towards a greener and more sustainable future for Europe.

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