Kick-off Meeting and Public Event

The Carbonica EU project kicked off on 7 & 8 February 2023, in Thessaloniki, Greece in a positive and collaborative mood!

Project Essentials

The consortium is made up of 14 partners representing scientific and entrepreneurial innovation, as well as farmers’ association. The goal of Carbonica is to align the carbon farming innovation ecosystems of Greece, Cyprus and North Macedonia. Among the core activities of the project are brain gain activities with scientists of the diaspora, and several outputs will be technical guidelines to maximise uptake of best CFA (Carbon Farming) practices. In the Kick-off meeting, partners discussed the way forward agreeing upon crucial next steps.

Following closely the inauguration of the project on February 7th, the diverse stakeholder groups were also gathered to attend four panel discussions within the Carbonica Public Event that touched upon and raised issues in line with the project’s goals, such as low-carbon economy, circular economy, innovations and new technologies in the agricultural sector, “green” economy and business practices. The panels hosted experts from EU organisations, academic institutions, businesses and innovation actors of the agricultural sector, while the event was greeted by Greek regional authorities.

The Public Event generated great interest for the revolutionary practices ahead that aim to empower the agricultural sector. The Quadruple Helix discussions also focused on policy recommendations and policies to be developed so that a completed common framework is in place to support CFA innovation in the three ecosystems. The 4-year-long efforts to help the participating countries make farming practices more profitable and sustainable have now started. Carbonica’s ambition is to offer the knowledge and tools that will secure access to innovative carbon farming technology, restoring balance and shifting practices in the carbon-heavy agricultural heritage. 

Extending our thanks to our notable speakers

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