Carbonica at Synergy Days: Pioneering in Carbon Farming Innovation

The Synergy Days Conference that took place on the 4th and 5th of October in Thessaloniki proved   a significant and worthwhile event, with Carbonica’s booth attracting the interest of both other projects and participants in general.

The exchanges were plentiful and exciting creating fertile grounds for future synergies, collaborations, and connections. The Conference proved a packed affair and provided ample opportunity to exchange invaluable knowledge, expand Carbonica’s network and, overall, bring Carbonica to the forefront of a forum dedicated to shaping future policy, both on a regional level and across the Union.   

Building A Sustainable Future with Carbon Farming Innovation

Carbonica aims to introduce Carbon Farming techniques to the widening countries of Cyprus, Greece, and North Macedonia and to establish an Excellence Hub to strengthen place-based innovation ecosystems in the region. It will streamline research and innovation efforts, promote adopting Carbon Farming practices, develop new business models for the agro-food industry that emphasise carbon sequestration, and foster collaborations with policymakers and civil society. This is aligned with the shared mission to reduce the carbon footprint, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

A Field Diagnostic Toolbox for Carbon Farming Service

One of the Synergy Days Conference highlights was the workshop organised by i-Bec, introducing a low-cost diagnostic toolbox with an in-situ soil scanning system and gas measurements. Giorgos Galanis (MSc agronomist, i-BEC) emphasised the far-reaching implications of this technology for agriculture, environmental monitoring, and climate research. In-situ soil scanning, especially spectroscopy, provides invaluable soil composition and quality data, essential for optimising agricultural practices and soil resource management.

Furthermore, the ability to measure greenhouse gases like CO2, CH4, and N2O in the field is indispensable for understanding soil-related emissions and their impact on climate change. Combining these measurements with ground truth soil observations can lead to more accurate and actionable insights for addressing environmental challenges. In a world where low-cost solutions are paramount, these technologies become accessible to a broader range of users, including farmers and researchers in resource-constrained environments.

Daphne Kitsou (agronomist, i-BEC) emphasised the importance of ensuring the credibility and comparability of carbon credits or offsets. This includes supporting transparent and verifiable reporting of emission reductions and carbon sequestration, adhering to ISO standards (ISO 14064), and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis (ISO 14040) for data collection and reporting consistency.

Theory and Practice of Climate Smart Farming: Mind the Gap

Carbonica aims to establish strongholds for innovators and investors in this transformative field by bridging the gap between science and industry. The workshop not only shed light on the exciting possibilities within carbon farming but also facilitated connections between project participants and the wider audience. It was a powerful reminder of the potential for collaboration and innovation in addressing our world’s critical challenges.

FSH’s George Papapostolou, as Project Manager of Carbonica, represented the Project in the workshop “Theory and Practice of Climate Smart Farming: mind the Gap”. The workshop offered a captivating combination of theory and real-life perspectives. It highlighted the      potential of climate-smart farming and, more importantly, Carbonica’s pivotal role in creating new business opportunities within carbon farming.

A bright path to an innovative tomorrow in Carbon Farming

Carbonica is not a project limited to its goals; instead, it aspires to carve a brighter path to Carbon Farming innovation and to an environmentally conscious future. As Carbonica keeps growing, it continues to make new connections, educate, inspire change, and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for our planet.

Being at the forefront of change, Carbonica’s presence at the Synergy Days Conference reflected its commitment to a greener, more hopeful future.

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