Field activities


In the area of Velventos a few pilot areas with peach trees have been selected to test the Carbon farming methodology. Peach orchards are one of the crops and cultivations that have been selected for testing the Carbonica methodologies. Specifically, Velventos peach orchards are famous for their quality characteristics and are being exported to many countries. Most importantly for the Carbonica project, the peach orchards of the area have the potential of enhancing carbon sequestration in the soil.

For this, a soil sampling campaign took place during November 2023, and top-soil samples were collected from the pilot areas (marked with red color in the map presented, pic 1). Soil analyses was conducted on our laboratory, to measure the soil indicators that are included in the data inventory of the developed carbon farming methodology. Furthermore, soil measurements were collected in situ, most important the soil respiration measurement method, using the Field Diagnostic Toolbox (pic 2).

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