A list of initiatives and other sister projects that Carbonica works with is presented below

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BEATLES aspires to identify the individual, systemic and policy lock-ins and levers that influence entire food systems behavioural change and to develop transformation pathways of change to accelerate the systemic and systematic transition to climate-smart agriculture and smart farming technologies, fully aligned with the ambitions of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies, and the new CAP at regional and EU levels.

SolarHub Project
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SolarHub is a perfect blend of Quadruple Helix collaboration in practice to create an Excellence Hub. Through linking academia, businesses, governments, and civil societies, SolarHub a four-year project with 21 partners from funded under the Horizon Europe WIDERA Excellence Hub call. The SolarHub consortium came to effect in January 2023 aiming to interconnect and scale-up five solar energy innovation ecosystems located in Ankara, Thessaloniki, İzmir, Athens and İstanbul standing by a mantra of accelerating the Clean Energy Transition and the Green Deal initiative.

QuantiFarm Project
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QuantiFarm enables the further deployment of digital agricultural technologies as key enablers for improving the sustainability performance and competitiveness of the agricultural sector. To this end, QuantiFarm introduces a comprehensive evaluation framework for independent qualitative and quantitative assessments of the multiple costs and benefits of digital agricultural technologies. QuantiFarm ensures the replicability and uptake of digital technologies by deploying innovative tools, services and recommendations and making them relevant and practical for farmers, advisors and policy makers across Europe.