Building a sustainable future


The knowledge created and shared within and beyond the Carbonica Excellence Hub will be  used to encourage reshaping of the R&I landscape in the 3 place-based innovation ecosystems in Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus and within the broader European Research ecosystem.

Foster long-term cross border collaboration and strong viable linkages among carbon farming actors to motivate knowledge transfer, sharpen entrepreneurial skills and expand the collective capacity.

Concrete, applicative and methodological knowledge will be shared among stakeholders to broaden understanding of the state of play concerning carbon farming in the three involved ecosystems. The results, and input from multi-actor focus groups, will support the identification of key R&I activities and the development of a joint R&I strategy. A sustainability plan will also be created, outlining key design, operation and monitoring steps to establish a solid foundation for the short- and long-term success of the Carbonica Excellence Hub. Dissemination channels and processes will be deployed to capitalise on the existing R&I capacities within each place-based innovation ecosystem, targeting at strengthening the cross-border connections as well as the intersectoral mobility. Communication and outreach material will be used to raise awareness in the QH sector (including citizens) regarding CFA and highlighting the importance of carbon neutral agri-food products and disseminate main results.