Building a sustainable future


Strengthen place-based innovation and excellence in carbon farming to achieve increased collective understanding and broad uptake.

The Carbonica Excellence Hub will enhance the existing carbon farming ecosystems of Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus, providing long term joint R&I strategies and investment plans, leading to excellent and sustainable place-based innovation ecosystems. The collaborative and knowledge exchange activities at the Carbonica Excellence Hub will connect high-level talents from all regions and promote brain circulation and intersectoral mobility for researchers to better tackle all aspects of carbon farming and increase the pool of strong consortiums able to participate in future Horizon Europe projects.

The Carbonica Excellence Hub will interconnect 3 place-based innovation ecosystems in Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus, to include key stakeholders of the carbon farming domain across the quadruple helix and form 3 regional Multi Actor Platforms (MAPs) that will orchestrate collaboration.
Further value will be added by conducting an in-depth investigation of stakeholder needs (surveys and interviews) and capacity building activities, i.e. cross visits.

The Carbonica Academy (comprising an open e-learning platform, field-based learning and training workshops) will be tailored to stakeholders’ needs to build the capacity, connect young people with regional businesses and stimulate cross-border, inter-sectoral knowledge exchange, opening new field-based learning opportunities.

Brain gain strategies (working groups, conferences, forum) will stimulate discussion and exchange ideas between regional experts building stronger cross-border connections. A guide featuring descriptions of each technology, how to adopt and evaluate them will be also created.

Synergies with other relevant projects and initiatives will be nurtured to maximise the Carbonica Excellence Hub’s impact, efficiency and reach and set the foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and farmers.