Building a sustainable future



One common objective

To connect the carbon farming innovation ecosystems
of Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus,
through the establishment of the CARBONICA Excellence Hub.

Strengthen place-based innovation and excellence in carbon farming to achieve increased collective understanding and broad uptake.

The Carbonica Excellence Hub will enhance the existing carbon farming ecosystems of Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus, providing long term joint R&I strategies and investment plans, leading to excellent and sustainable place-based innovation ecosystems. The collaborative and knowledge exchange activities at the Carbonica Excellence Hub will connect high-level talents from all regions and promote brain circulation and intersectoral mobility for researchers to better tackle all aspects of carbon farming and increase the pool of strong consortiums able to participate in future Horizon Europe projects.

The knowledge created and shared within and beyond the Carbonica Excellence Hub will be  used to encourage reshaping of the R&I landscape in the 3 place-based innovation ecosystems in Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus and within the broader European Research ecosystem.

Foster long-term cross border collaboration and strong viable linkages among carbon farming actors to motivate knowledge transfer, sharpen entrepreneurial skills and expand the collective capacity.

Regional, national and European investment will be leveraged as a result of the investment plan and research priorities of the joint R&I strategy and sustainability plan. The evidence-based funding recommendations set out by the preparatory actions of the joint pilot research project will target public and private funding organisations. The ecosystem mapping, needs analysis and regional emphasis of the EH will ensure national and regional strategies are well understood, and integrated in EH activities and policy recommendations.

Action planning and development of a long-term R&I joint strategy.

Create business opportunities in carbon farming by bridging the gap between science and industry and establishing poles of attraction for innovators and investors to improve the uptake.

The virtual infrastructure for support in business development, acceleration and commercialisation programs will offer tailored support to start-ups and SMEs, fill knowledge gaps in the business domain, and provide tools and mentorship to grow, stabilise and thrive; ultimately strengthening the communities of innovative entrepreneurs within the carbon farming ecosystems. Private investment will be mobilised by connecting investors with innovators and by providing funding recommendations for the upscaling of the placed-based carbon farming solutions. The skills developed during the business development support programs will raise the R&I excellence.