University Goce Delcev

Goce Delcev University was established in 2007 and unites 12 faculties and 3 academies, organised in four student campuses. UGD mission is to create and transfer knowledge for providing social and economic wellbeing and progress of the society, preparing students for professions in which the application of scientific discoveries and professional knowledge, cultural and language diversity, promotion of technological development, development of arts, technical culture and sport is required.  Promoting and developing scientific disciplines present in the study programs, in accordance with the requirements of the region and the country.  Preserving and building up dignity of profession, developing and promoting moral values in the academic community, promoting knowledge as a value and sense of responsibility of the University as institution of the highest human values. 

The Faculty of Agriculture within the UGD is dedicated to higher education and research activities in the field of plant protection, agriculture, biotechnology, food safety, selection and genetics, horticulture, as well as viticulture and winemaking. 

The Unilab laboratory, as part of the Faculty of Agriculture, performs agrochemical analyses of soil and provides appropriate recommendations for fertilisation and plant nutrition; examination of the presence of macro and micro elements, heavy metals and trace elements in environmental samples: waters, soils, sediments, geological samples and waste. The laboratory controls the safety and quality of available products by determining the multi-element analysis of food and nutritional supplements, beverages, plant material and extracts, as well as suspensions and concentrates of active substances and excipients in pharmaceutical products. The laboratory determines the representation of nutrients in fertilisers; analysis of the quality of seed and planting material, determination and identification of the presence of diseases and pests in plants and stored agricultural products.