1st Press Release

On February 8 & 9 2023, Carbonica will host its kick-off meeting at the premises of TIF HELEXPO, marking the start of the project’s actions for the creation of Carbonica Excellence Hub aiming to bring together the innovation ecosystems of Greece, The Republic of North Macedonia and Cyprus for the uptake and application of innovative low-carbon farming practices.
The project is expected to be a crucial contributory factor in the reduction of the carbon footprint produced from farming and plans to productively align research efforts across the three countries in the field of low-carbon farming as well as enrich their strategies to gradually transition towards climate-resilient agriculture. Apart from the Project Coordinator, Grigoris Chatzikostas (Foodscale
Hub), the meeting will be [greeted] by DG RTD and REA.

Within the greater Carbonica kick-off meeting framework, on 8 February 2023 at 17:00 – 20:30, the public launching event will be hosted to present and raise issues that are in line with the project’s goals, such as low-carbon economy, circular economy, innovations and new technologies in the agricultural sector, “green” economy and [business practices]. The event is composed of four (4) thematic panels with participating EU organisations, academic institutions, businesses and [innovation actors] of the agricultural sector.
Carbonica Excellence Hub is a meeting point between academics or researchers and the industry – between citizens and policy makers. 

Carbonica’s ambition is to offer the knowledge and tools that will secure the access to innovative low-carbon farming practices.

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