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About Carbonica

Carbon initiative for climate-resilient agriculture

One common objective
To connect the carbon farming innovation ecosystems of Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus, through the establishment of the CARBONICA Excellence Hub.

The Partnership consists of organizations, private entities and institutions from across the spectrum, maximizing the efficacy and potency of the implementation effort and ensuring that the CEH will successfully instigate Carbon Farming in the three countries.

Carbonica Excellence Hub

Carbonica aims to introduce Carbon Farming techniques in the widening countries of Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus. To achieve this overarching goal, the Carbonica Excellence Hub will be established, aiming to connect and strengthen the innovation ecosystems of the three Countries by streamlining the R&I between them to bolster the adoption of CFA, by coming up with new business models for the agrifood industry that would take into account carbon sequestration, by bringing together policy makers and civil society, all the while fostering the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Carbonica News

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Carbonica Objectives

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Strengthen place-based innovation and excellence in Cyprus, Greece and North Macedonia carbon farming in order to achieve increased collective understanding and broad uptake.

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Foster long-term cross border collaboration and strong viable linkages between the actors of the quadruple helix in the involved Innovation Ecosystems to motivate knowledge transfer, sharpen entrepreneurial skills and expand the collective capacity in carbon farming.

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Create business opportunities in carbon farming by bridging the gap between science and industry and establishing poles of attraction for innovators and investors and improve the uptake

Carbonica Outcomes

Putting in place
3 Multi-Actor Platforms

Three (multi-actor) platforms will be created in each country (Cyprus, North Macedonia & Greece), bringing together actors and stakeholders: Farmers and other agrofood professionals, researchers and academics, administrative personnel and elected officials, citizens engaged in ameliorating their local environment & ecologists, all who have a part to play in bringing forth a change for agriculture to become more carbon-efficient can get involved and have their say.

Setting the foundations
for Carbon Farming

For those actively engaged in agriculture, training workshops will take place and carbon farming techniques will be taught to interested parties. Focusing mainly on professionals of the agricultural sector the project will share in-depth knowledge on the most up-to-date carbon farming techniques, tailored to local crops and other pertinent characteristics.

Bringing together
the best and the brightest

Carbonica will put forward a common strategy in the three countries to bring Research and Innovation together: researchers from different disciplines and across borders will have the opportunity to work together and provide knowledge and expertise on Carbon Farming.

Planning for the future

Carbonica will provide solid recommendations to policy makers in the three participating countries in order to facilitate the adoption of carbon farming techniques in traditional agriculture. These policy recommendations will help pave the way and provide expert insight for future legislation.